Overcoming Fears

Children with autism overcome real-life fears in virtual world – Newcastle University

From scaling heights to going shopping, a virtual reality room is now helping people with autism overcome crippling phobias

Virtual reality environment intervention to reduce specific fear/phobia in young people with autism spectrum disorder

Anxiety disorders affect around half of children with ASD, with specific fears and phobias being one of the most common anxiety subtypes. Gradual exposure to the object of a phobia can help, but may require adaption for those with ASD. One possible solution is the use of immersive virtual reality environments (VREs) that allow participants to experience those things/situations which they find difficult but in a controlled and safe environment. Participants can navigate through the situation they find anxiety provoking (e.g. a street or school) and with therapist support at all times, learn new skills to manage their anxiety.

Reducing Specific Phobia/Fear in Young People with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) through a Virtual Reality Environment Intervention


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